Jan 31, 2013

5 BIG eMail marketing alerts for 2012.

no1. eMail marketing takes a giant step forward. Bulk emailing becomes a thing of the past, and the right message of engagement to a segmented market becomes the name of the game. Content and design quality at last take a step forward. Knowledge of eye-tracking studies ensures that the messaging is understood at a glance. And response mechanisms drive responses directly to the sender.

no2. Short emails get higher click-through rates. 3-5 short paragraphs, 35-55 characters per line. Profits are increased through selective interaction with identified individuals.

no3. The subject line drives the campaign. Getting attention in an overcrowded inbox is the biggest challenge. Nothing happens until the email is opened. Marketers start using proven and tested subject line templates.

no4. The picture does the talking. The right imaging increases click-through rates by up to 120%. *ref Digital Marketing Lab.

no5. Quality content drives conversions. Marketers invest in professional tailored content to stand out in an every expanding inbox.

by Colleen Backstrom, Kaleidoscope Online Marketing www.kscope.co.za | 021 462 2291

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